Sheng Pu-Erh 普洱生茶 (Raw Pu-Erh)

Yiwu Qiaomu Vintage Sheng

Yunnan Yiwu, China | 2006


The Gushu leaves from Qiaomu 喬木 (Big Old Tree) of the renowned Luoshuidong 落水洞, Mahei 麻黑, and Daqishu 大漆樹 are skillfully blended into this amazing cake. Some would say it's a typical gentleman's choice of Sheng, pointing out its bitter, woody, and smoky flavor with thick and creamy texture, but we would just say one of our best vintage sheng everyone should try.

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Bing Dao Mengku Da Xue Shan Wild Gushu Sheng Puerh 冰島 猛庫 大雪山 生茶 8g

Lincang, Yunnan | 2019 

One of the best wild Gushu Sheng teas we have ever tried. Bing Dao is one of the most famous and popular (and fanciest!!) Puerh tea regions, beloved by broader spectrum of tea lovers, whereas Ban Zhang is more mania-oriented. This special edition of 8g cake offers a perfect chance to try the essence of rare Wild Gushu Sheng Puerh, amazingly, almost sugary, sweet and refreshing flavour with hardly any astringency that lingers in your mouth and throat as you go over multiple infusions (4.5g pro 200ml is recommended). One of those special teas that you will never forget once you try it. Only limited amount is available.

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Yunxian Gushu Sheng Pu-Erh 雲縣 古樹頭春

Lincang Yunxian, China | 2019


Made in early spring 2019 from ancient trees (Gushu) from Yunxian in Lincang area with the altitude of 2100 m, this beautiful lemon color liquor with powerful fragrance and perfectly balanced bitterness will surprise you all. 


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Soseul Bulang Shan Lao Shu Sheng Puerh 布朗山 老樹 生茶

Xishuangbanna Menghai, China | 2013

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Soseul Yiwu Pu-Erh Sheng Bing Cha 昭璱 易武正山

Yunnan Yiwu, China 2007

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