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Premium Jasmin Drachenperlen

Fuding, China 2021

Laifufu's Steadyseller item with intensive Jasmin aroma due to 8 times of being steamed with Jasmin flowers. Due to its natural but intense aroma, you can enjoy its awesome fragrance in many ways: as multiple infusions by classical brewing (80 degree 1 minute), as a booster for Black Tea or Puerh Tea (by throwing 3-5 balls in towards the end of the Gongfu session), or as a cold brew especially with sparkling water (ca. 15-20 balls for one 1 Liter water, 4-6 hours in refrigerator )!!!

16,00 €

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Alishan Jinxuan Organic (a.k.a. Milk Oolong)

Chiayi, Formosa | 2020 


Jinxuan is a name of the most common tea cultivar produced in Alishan. It is also known as Milk Oolong in the west, for its representative milky aroma. Unlike other milky oolongs often perfumed with milk additives or artificial aroma, our Jinxuan is produced by tea farmers who just let tea plants grow as if in wilderness, naturally with no pesticides and no fertilizers, which is quite common among older generations of Taiwanese tea farmers these days. These skilled experts have made this tea by 100 % handcraft with their best knowhow and brings out the unique and amazing flavors highlighted by extremely clean finish.

16,00 €

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Lishan Hochland Oolong 梨山 高山烏龍

Taichung, Formosa | 2020 


So happy to have a new autumn batch as soon as we sold out the spring version of Laifufu's one of the most beloved Oolong in 2019 &2020. Once you try this ultimate essence of high mountain tea, you have to come back to get it again. Thanks to its fresh version with its powerful brightness and intense flowery note, this tea is very much enjoyable especially in summer. It will slowly reveal its multi-layered charms as the roasting gets stablized. Just like most of our Oolongs, this one is ideal for aging into a vintage one, but we could not keep any from last year's batch due to strong demand. So fetch enough before too late!

22,30 €

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Xiao Qing Gan Pu-Erh Tee 小清柑普茶

Xinhui, China | 2019

Due to the severe flood in Guangdong, there won't be new produce of this tea this year. We were lucky to get our hands on some more of last year's batch. So please order before it gets sold out. 

8,00 €

80,00 € / 100 g
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