Willkommen im Laifufu Teesalon!

Lai Fu ist Chinesisch und heißt "das Glück soll kommen". Der Laifufu Teesalon ist der Münchner Treffpunkt von Teeliebhabern. An diesem Ort ostasiatische Wärme und Kultur tauschen Freunde des Tees ihre Erfahrungen über den Teeweg aus.


Neben Münchens exquisitester Auswahl an Oolong Tees finden Sie im Laifufu Teesalon auch andere sorgfältig ausgesuchte Tees und alles was zum Teegenuss gehört, insbesondere exquisites Teegeschirr, aber auch sehr persönliche, nicht alltägliche Geschenke, die jedem Freude bereiten.


Die ideale Einführung in die chinesische Teekultur bietet die Teilnahme an einer Teezeremonie. Gönnen Sie sich selbst dieses Erlebnis oder verschenken Sie die Teilnahme an einer Teezeremonie im Laifufu Teesalon. Die Buchung einer Teezeremonie stellt erfahrungsgemäß einen unvergesslichen Höhepunkt jeder privaten oder öffentlichen Veranstaltung dar.


Der Laifufu Teesalon soll den Zugang zur asiatischen Kultur vermitteln. Deshalb unterstützen wir auch Kulturveranstaltungen im Teesalon.

Beliebte Tees

Konkubine Hochland Oolong 貴妃 高山烏龍

Nantou, Formosa | 2021 

The wind has gotten cold and now it's a legit season for some warm brown liquors! Who wouldn't say no to this special batch of bug-bitten leaves? Laifufu proudly presents this fragrant and sweet Guifei from Phoenix town 鳳凰村 in Dong Ding region. You can expect a lot to see what happens when robust Qingxing Cultivar leaves with so much potential are bitten by bugs.

21,60 €

43,20 € / 100 g
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Wilder Silver Needle 荒野 白毫銀針

Fuding, China | 2020


For those who were charmed by Laifufu's Wilder Bai Mu Dan, get ready to be blown away. This wild grown pinnacle of white tea, Silver needle, is no doubt one of the best of its kind, highly praised by silver needle manias. Please don't let go of your chance to feel its elegant sweetness lingering at the back of your throat and to taste the subtle but impressive fruity liquor that will lift you up, especially in this sluggish and frustrating time, with its bright aroma of green apple and perfectly balanced astringency. 

15,50 €

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Wilder Yunxian Hong Cha

Yunnan Lincang, China | 2020

This is an ancient tree black tea with leaves from 800–1,000 year old trees growing in the mountains of Yunxian at a 2,050–2,300 meter altitude. Yunxian is an area known for its gushu trees (ancient trees not planted by human hands). Usually leaves from such trees are made into sheng puerh, but this is a rare batch of hongcha (literally red tea, but called black tea in the west). This smells amazing with caramelized fruitiness lingering in the nostrils and a fresh feeling on the tongue. It’s almost like a fine dancong in appearance and fragrance but the liquor carries an exquisitely sweet and complex flavor while never becoming bitter. This is a tea to be drunk over the whole day through up to two liters of water. Warm, sweet, clean, refreshing: a perfect brew for fall. Due to their nature, gushu teas are only produced in limited quantities each year and hongcha gushus are even rarer, and so, quantities are limited!

19,00 €

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Lishan Hochland Oolong 梨山 高山烏龍

Taichung, Formosa | 2020 


So happy to have a new autumn batch as soon as we sold out the spring version of Laifufu's one of the most beloved Oolong in 2019 &2020. Once you try this ultimate essence of high mountain tea, you have to come back to get it again. Thanks to its fresh version with its powerful brightness and intense flowery note, this tea is very much enjoyable especially in summer. It will slowly reveal its multi-layered charms as the roasting gets stablized. Just like most of our Oolongs, this one is ideal for aging into a vintage one, but we could not keep any from last year's batch due to strong demand. So fetch enough before too late!

22,80 €

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