1960s Jin Jian Tibetan Brick 六十年代 金尖 藏茶

Sichuan, China | 1960s New Arrival

Have you ever tried Heicha from 1960s? This should be one of the oldest teas for many Heicha lovers, we believe. Jin Jian is originally one of the lower quality Heicha from Sichuan (the other is the Kang Brick), but after 50 years of aging in an amazing status, this tea became a real treasure. Its liquor is rich with medicinal note perfectly balanced with sweet flavour coming from good ole aged stems, also some of some tar, grain, malt, etc.. If you want a stronger version of this tea, as the Tibetans used to drink, you could boil it in your tea kettle for hours and maybe even try your version of Butter Tea. A definite rarity one could enjoy more of its essence in the middle of winter!!

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Liu Bao Bauernart 六堡 農家茶

Guangxi, China | 2003 New Arrival

This farmer style vintage Liu Bao is a real gem one should not miss to try. Unlike factory produced, more reasonable younger version of this tea, it did not go through a wet-fermentaion process, which means spraying water to speed up the fermentation, therefore it offers amazingly clean and pleasant tastes. Its rich earthy flavour will remind you of a sack of potatoes or a traditional German potato cellar (if you're a German, especially) and its dark and thick but super round texture might make you feel like you're drinking a vegetable soup. A perfect company for the long and cold winter time that will certainly nourish and comfort you. It is already an amazing after 18 years of aging and should get only better and better down the road.

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1992 Tibetan Kang Brick 康磚 滎經茶廠

Sichuan, China | 1992



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