Koreanischer Grüntee

Soseul Vor dem Regen (Woojeon)

Hadong, Korea 2022 Will be available at the end of May again!

Our best quality Korean green tea!! The first infusion can be enjoyed like classical Gyokuro (60℃ for 3 min.) and from the second infusion then on, it can be brewed with boiling water for a few seconds and you can enjoy amazing elegant and fine flavors of the premium quality green tea without too much bitter taste. This year our tea garten did not yield as much tea leaves as previous years and the leaves were collected from wild tea tree that survived upper region of the Jiri mountain. The outcome, perfected by skilled tea master's effort of roasting only by 500g of fresh tea leaves at a time, was extraordinary this year. Unfortunately the tea master announced that this year might be his last year to produce his teas due to his health conditions. Better hurry if you want to try this gem of limited amount before gone.

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Spatzenzunge Premium

Hadong, Korea | 2021

From micro-organic farm high up in Jiri mountain in Handong, Korea. 100% hand picked and hand crafted. 

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Spatzenzunge Fein 50g

Hadong, Korea 2020

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Hadong, Korea 2020


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